Self Storage is the ideal solution if you've sold your home and the moving dates haven’t quite matched up. If you wish to de–clutter to show your home in the best possible light to potential buyers. Or, if your business is growing and you need to move or expand your premises or stock room. There are many options open to you when looking for storage, which is why, since we opened in 2003 (long before many of the current storage companies existed!) we have compilied a list of the best storage facilities locally and in many locations throughout the UK.


Our trusted storage partners for South Yorkshire caters for both personal and business storage needs. Facilities are also available in many other locations throughout the UK, and we can often negotiate better rates with any storage provider you may wish to use. Call us now for details.

We can offer storage rooms from small locker sizes for a small amount of boxed personal goods through medium sizes for the contents of small houses or apartments, right up to large rooms for the biggest of properties. All storage options come with insurance, discounted initial and on-going bookings, no minimum booking periods and the facility to change up or down sizes as required. You can access the storage yourself if you wish or arrange for us to visit to add to or remove goods as you please.

Access is available 24 hours if needed, and the location is convenient from the M1 motorway. And with a large car park and loading/unloading area, even the biggest vehicles can be catered for with ease.

If you require a quote for storage, or just further information about what storage unit size might be suitable, either call us office hours on 0114 288 8314 / 0800 043 2810 or email anytime.