Specialist Services

  • Piano Removals

    Pianos come in all shapes and sizes, each with it's own particular way of being lifted and moved. Our teams are all experienced in moving pianos either within your home, across the city or across the country. Our Low Loader van doesn't require the risky business of lifting your piano with a tail lift (we've all seen the footage of £30,000 worth of piano falling off a tail lift!) and it is equipped with full rear air-suspension to ensure your piano isn't jolted around on our harsh city streets! No other local removal company can offer this, and at no additional cost! We have undertaken specialist industry training to be able to provide this service reliably so your pride and joy gets there in one piece. We have huge expirience in moving pianos from standard wood framed 3/4 pianos through baby and boudoir grand to full concert grand pianos. We carry tailored covers, piano moving trollies and skates and various ramps to ensure your piano is moved safely, quickly and efficiently. We have moved pianos as far as Paris and Geneva over the years so let us take care of your valued musical instrument. Call or e-mail for a piano moving quote.
  • Motorcycle Mover

    Your motorcycle is your pride and joy, therefore we take great care in transporting motorcycles and scooters of all shapes and sizes. We undertake work from dealers and private individuals. We can even take you to pick up your new bike. With training from our friends at Manhattan Motorcycles on London Road, we certainly know our YBR's from our Super Blackbirds!
  • Large Television Mover

    The TV is at the centre of our leisure hours these days and moving a fragile piece of equipment like this takes care and patience. If you're moving to Sheffield we can even arrange for a qualified engineer from Sevenoaks HiFi, one of the Countries leading supplier of high end visual and audio equipment to plug everything back in again once in your new home.